Monday, 9 January 2012

My ECB Smoker Mods

This is the story of a normal guy and his quest to create awesome B-B-Q. It should first be stated that what we are talking about here is true B-B-Q which is in no way to be confused with "grilling" as is often the case especially up here in the Great White North of Canada. It pains me whenever I hear people say things like "come on over this weekend for a B-B-Q" when I know darn well that what we will be getting is nothing more than a burger or some chicken or heaven forbid some ribs that have given their life only to be "cooked" directly over a propane flame. I got news for you guys...that ain't B-B-Q.

Now I don't claim to be an expert by any means, and I will be the first in line for any expertly grilled steak or a big juicy hamburg, but lets face facts, once you taste true southern style B-B-Q done right, low and slow and smoked to succulent perfection, there just isn't any substitute. And so my quest to be able to create these smokey, meaty masterpeices began.

As luck would have it, my wife approached me this past Christmas and said that if we agreed to set a limit on the amount we would spend on each other, she wanted me to get her something very specific. Well I saw this was my opportunity so I quickly concurred with her plan and when she asked if I had any idea what I might like, I knew exactly what I was going to tell her...I wanted a smoker.

Next...Narrowing Down My Options


  1. So I found your ECB mods and I am working a finishing them. I just smoked some wings and they were awesome. Temp was good about 250. My question is do you think I could add a third grill surface for doing wings?

  2. hi, this setup is awesome, i just ordered the weber joe gold. had a few questions about drilling the holes for the air vents. what size drill bit should I use??